Scott Alexander Makes 7 or 8 Dollars

by Scott Alexander

(free) 01:06


I'm Scott Alexander and I wrote these songs. Well, except “Forever In Blue Jeans,” which was written by Neil Diamond and Richard Bennett and published by Sont/ATV. Everything was recorded by me, in my apartment. Well, actually, I recorded Jessica Teague singing “Penny Gumball” at her place and my friends John Brauer and Timothy Pattison of D&M recorded me slapping my blue jeans at Tim’s place. John and Tim also mixed the album and Rich Lamb did some more mixing and tweaking at his place. Rich’s friend A.T. Michael MacDonald at AlgoRhythms did some mastering too.

In addition to singing, you’ll hear me playing acoustic, electric, and baritone guitars, the bass I borrowed from John, some crystal I “borrowed” from my employer, clappin, slappin, a banjitar, and a bamboo saxophone I finally found a use for.

This album is the rivalrous sibling to Scott Alexander Makes a Big Deal Out of It, which cost a lot more money to make and involved a lot more collaboration. I had originally intended to do everything myself on this album, but that seemed stubborn and silly. Thanks to John, Tim, Rich, Michael, and Jessica, these songs are actually worth 7 or 8 dollars.


released December 12, 2009



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Scott Alexander Oakland, California

Scott Alexander is a classically trained bassoonist with a degree in ethnomusicology. He performs mostly on electric and acoustic baritone guitars Scott performs a sort of "non-repetitive pop", where each song continually develops without a verse-chorus structure.Nevertheless, his demeanor is playful and his sound is catchy. Learn more at ... more

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